Amancay Nahuelpan (pronounced Aman-kay Na-well-pan) is a comic Artist and writer. He was born in Vancouver, Canada and grew up in Chile. He returned to Vancouver in 2009. He then spent the following years living between Europe, Vancouver, San Francisco and Asia, until he returned to Chile in 2016.


- 2006: Hijos de P (Chile).

- 2014: Robocop (Boom! Studios).

- 2015: Boy-1 (IDW).

- 2016: Young Terrorists, Clandestino (Blackmask Studios).

- 2017: Calexit (Blackmask Studios).

- 2018: DC Beach Blanket Bad Guys Special,  Nightwing, DC Comics Nuclear Winter Special, New Talent Showcase 2018 (DC Comics).

-2019: DC Comics Mysteries of Love Special, High Level, Batman Secret Files, Gotham City Monsters (DC Comics).

You can contact him directly through his email: amancay.nnb [at] gmail [dot] com
Twitter: amancay_art Instagram: amancay_art